We are a team of professionals who have expertise in supporting children, young people and families on making changes and improving outcomes. These services are available to anyone who has a child or young person attending one of the 12 primary schools and 2 high schools in Seacroft Manston Cluster schools.



Our team work closely with other agencies such as Children’s Social Care, Housing, Police and Children’s Centres, ensuring families receive holistic, coordinated support. The support services include family support, play therapy, counselling for children and adults, domestic violence, improving school attendance and supporting behavioural, emotional and developmental needs.

Seacroft Manston Cluster  Team’s Privacy Statement
We have updated our data protection procedures to reflect new EU legislation that comes into effect on the 25th May 2018. The new law is known as GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation. This regulation applies not only to EU based organisations, but also to anyone who has customers or contacts in the EU. We won’t be changing the ways in which we use your personal data, but we will be reviewing our data protection policies and procedures to ensure that you have greater rights, a greater understanding and more control over how your personal data is used and how we contact you. Your personal data and privacy is a priority to us and we will only collect and use your data to help improve the service that you receive from us. The lawful basis or legal grounds for us processing your individual data is to undertake a ‘public task for the purposes of education and/ or safeguarding.’
Why do we need to collect your data and how will it be used?
  • To help us to improve the service that you receive from us
  • To share Seacroft Manston Cluster service updates, newsletters and general marketing
  • To communicate and share information in regards to individual packages of support; the coordination of activities, groups and events and community services
Where do we get your data from?
We collect your personal data with explicit consent from you. Schools and other agencies may share personal data with us on your behalf, again only with your explicit consent.
Who do we share your data with?
We will share your information with third party organisations in order to better support you, your family or your organisation. All information will be shared only with your explicit consent. The only exception to this would be in relation to a safeguarding/child protection concern.
Are you in cluster area?
Please check map to see; 




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